Robin Engelhardt

Gymnastics Instructor

Robin has 44 years of experience teaching gymnastics. She started taking dance when she was 5 and tumbling when she was 8. Robin had her own gymnastics center (offering both recreational and competitive) for 9.5 years before deciding to be a “stay at home mom”. At that time, she taught part-time. Robin has been with Stage I Dance Academy for 11 years. Her 2 children (William and Megan), are young adults: Wil is living in Louisville; and Meg is completing her teaching degree here in Indiana. In her free time, Robin enjoys visiting national parks, zoos, and museums with her family. She considers it a blessing to help children of all ages develop; not only through skills using coordination, balance, strength and flexibility taught in gymnastics, but also through the interaction students have with classmates and by practicing at home with parents and guardians.