Cate Grubb


Cate danced at Stage I for eleven years, beginning at the age of seven. The dances she practiced included Hip Hop for two years, Ballet for one year, Jazz for one year, and Contemporary for seven years. She discovered her love of Contemporary when she was twelve, and still expresses her love for it. Cate is currently enrolled in the Liberal Arts Program at IUPUI, and plans to graduate with a Bachelor’s in English with a concentration in Creative Writing in the spring of 2026. After her first semester in college, Cate came back to Stage I interested in a teaching role after all of her years at the studio. In addition to teaching dance, she is also in the lead position to facilitate birthday parties at the studio, which she is thrilled to do! Cate feels extremely lucky to play a role in her dancers’ lives and hopes to see them come far under her influence that she has learned from her previous instructors.