Annual Dance Recital

The most exciting and rewarding event at Stage I each year is our annual Dance Recital. All classes will participate in the recital except the creative movement and tumbling classes.

Each class will perform one dance in one recital. Our 2021 Recital will be on Saturday, April 24 at The Murat Theatre at The Old National Centre. Show times are 11:00, 3:00 and 7:00pm. Dress Rehearsals at the Theatre are Thursday April 22 and Friday, April 23. Your designated recital day will be announced by November 1, 2019. Please mark your calendars for the recital week!

The costume fee is $85.00 for child sizes and $95.00 for adult sizes per costume. The fee is due no later than November 20, 2019. If you pay on a monthly basis for tuition, it will be automatically billed to your card on file on November 20. There is also a recital fee of $95.00 (1st child), $60.00 (2nd child), or $30.00 (3rd child) which covers the cost of theater rental, stage technicians, stage scenery, programs, staff, etc. The fee is due no later than February 20, 2020. If you pay on a monthly basis for tuition, this fee will be automatically billed to your card on file on February 20th. There is no admission charge for the recital and everyone is welcome.

We do not want the expense of the recital to be a burden for anyone, therefore, each year Stage I offers fund-raisers to our families to help with the expense of costumes and recital fees. With little effort and salesmanship, the recital costs can be reduced or eliminated.

Our recitals are unique experiences for our students and their families. Our hope is that each child will have the opportunity to feel special and be acknowledged for their hard work. The recital performance will also build skills that are important to every child’s development; skills such as self-confidence, stage presence, teamwork and a sense of accomplishment.

A newsletter with complete recital details and information will be available in October.