Dress Code

Dress Code

Creative Movement

Leotard, tights & ballet shoes, or a play outfit with tennis shoes


Leotard, or t-shirt & shorts


Athletic wear with tennis shoes. No short shorts.
(Silver Sequin High Top Sneakers Required for age 4-grade 4 for Recital. Available in the boutique.)
(Black High Top Sneakers Required for 5th Grade & Up for Recital. Available in the boutique.)

Elementary, Middle School & High School Ballet Classes

Leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes, hair in a bun

Elementary Hip Hop Classes

T-Shirt & Capris or Pants (no short shorts), tennis shoes (will wear silver sequin sneakers from the boutique for Recital)

All other Preschool & Elementary Classes

Leotard, tights & proper shoes

Ballet - Pink Ballet
Tap - Tan Buckle/Elastic Strap
Jazz - Tan Jazz Shoes
Lyrical - Tan Jazz Shoes
Musical Theater - Tan Jazz Shoes

All other Middle School & High School Classes

Fitted top & capris with proper shoes

Jazz - Tan Jazz Shoes
Tap - Black Tie Tap
Contemporary - Tan Jazz Shoes
Hip Hop - Tennis Shoes (will wear black high top sneakers for Recital available in the boutique)