We Teach Much More Than Dance

Our Mission

The Step Above Dance School Where Every Child Receives the Same Special Attention
Our mission is to provide a nurturing environment to motivate and inspire the love of dance in children while building character, self-respect and confidence. Our qualified faculty instills wholesome values of outward focus, community, acceptance and love for one another.

Our Vision

  • To be the Step-Above Dance School where every child receives the same special attention
  • To create an atmosphere that will make students and parents feel welcome.
  • To provide a place where students learn life skills as well as dance skills.
  • To make wonderful memories of Stage I and dance synonymous to all of our students.

Our Values

The Values associated with Stage I Dance Academy include:

  • High Moral standards Teaching each student that to dance is to love.
  • Building Self-confidence, Responsibility, Integrity, Discipline, Respect, Dedication, Teamwork, Healthy Bodies, Stage Presence
  • Teaching Proper Dance Technique
  • Building strong, positive relationships with our students and their families
  • A student’s desire and love to dance is more important than their physical abilities