Fundraiser Info

Families have the opportunity to participate in the following fundraisers below to offset their tuition, costume fees, and/or Recital fees. Specific details will be available at the front desk at the start of each fundraiser.
  1. Referral Program - Refer a new family to Stage I! Once they register, you will earn a $25 credit on your account. (Make sure they mention your name when registering.)
  2. Usborne Cards (sell 30 handmade cards for $30, earn $10 on your account)
  3. D5 Fundraiser (laundry detergent, trash bags, etc.)
  4. Poinsettia Fundraiser (sell locally grown Poinsettias and earn $5/poinsettia credit on your account)
  5. World's Finest Chocolate (sell 60 candy bars for $1/each, earn $20 credit on your account)
  6. Recital Sponsorships - Know a business, or own a business that would be willing to sponsor our Recital? All levels of sponsorships come with a FREE Recital fee. ($95 value)
  7. Recital Ads - For each ad sold, you will earn 10% profit.