• Katie Stahlhut

    CEO & Executive Director

    Katie Stahlhut has the distinct honor of carrying on Ms. Beverly’s legacy of dance excellence. Ms. Beverly passed the torch after 55 years of ownership. Katie has been a part of Stage I Dance Academy since elementary school. She was privileged to be a part of Stage I’s Performing Company and participated in many excellent performance opportunities during her time as a dancer. Katie has a degree in Business Management from the Kelley School of Business. She is also a graduate of Leadership Johnson County’s class of 2018. Her passion is providing a nurturing environment for children to develop as not only dancers, but young ladies and gentleman. Her priority is maintain a high standard for morals and values. She does so by continuing to provide quality training with age appropriate movement and costuming. Her favorite aspect of dance is giving back to the community by performing at nursing homes and other community opportunities. Katie feels blessed to have the opportunity to be a positive role model in today’s youth.

  • Morgan Johnson


    Morgan Johnson’s dance training began in Greenwood, Indiana under the guidance of Beverly Smithey for the duration of fifteen years. After six years of weekly jazz and tap classes, Johnson joined the performing company with Stage 1 Dance Academy competing with dances of many genres, including jazz, tap, ballet, contemporary, and musical theatre. Throughout her college career at Indiana University, she has balanced performing various guest artist works, such as Radio Show by Kyle Abraham, Suite from Psalm by José Limón, and D-Man in the Waters by Bill T. Jones, and teaching and choreographing for young dancers in the Bloomington community. Upon graduation, she has returned home to Stage 1 Dance Academy to continue teaching the same lessons and values she was humbly taught by the instructors before her.

  • Lynne Brinkley

    Founder - The Tap Academy

    Lynne was born and raised in New Jersey. She studied dance for 14 years. After High School graduation, she studied nursing. Upon graduation from Nursing school she moved to Indiana and focused her attention on Obstetrical nursing. Lynne met her husband, Brian, on his first day working at the same hospital. In 1995, Lynne was blessed to see her childhood dream come alive with the opening of The Tap Academy. She became a certified member of Dance Educators in 1998. This year, 2020, is the 25th anniversary for The Tap Academy. This journey has been incredible. I love to see children grow in their dance skills and as individuals. At this time, I could not be more thrilled for the future of the Academy! Ms. Katie is so gifted in all aspects of directing dance schools! I can't wait to see all the exciting opportunities that await the academy students here in Clinton and surrounding counties.

  • Bernadette Bricker

    Studio Director & Instructor

    Bernadette Bricker grew up in Frankfort and started ballet at the age of four with Kirsten Maish. She then continued dance at the Tap Academy for 10 years, up until her senior solo in 2009. She attended IU and earned a degree in Elementary Education. She worked at Clinton Central for 7 years and helped create their PreK program. She is now taking some time off to stay home with her baby girl, Mable. Her passion is early childhood, and she is excited to be helping Stage I use that passion with dance!

  • LeeAnn Ticen


    LeeAnn resides in Frankfort, IN and started her dance training at the age of two at The Tap Academy under the instruction of Lynne Brinkley. She joined The Tap Academy’s Performance Troupe at eight-years-old and continues as a member of the troupe today. LeeAnn trained under Miss Lynne until her retirement in 2020. She currently dances with Stage I and has been dancing for 15 years in every style of dance offered by the studios. Starting in 2018, LeeAnn began assisting with many classes for the younger dancers, and during the 2022-2023 season, she started co-teaching classes. Beginning with the 2023-2024 season, she will be teaching her own classes! As LeeAnn looks to her future, her plans include attending a 4 year institution to double major in dance and entrepreneurship with a minor in psychology in hopes to own her own studio one day.