The Stage I Performing Company is an excellent opportunity for dancers who wish to take their dance training to the next level but it requires much commitment in terms of time and finances. The Performing Company is composed of an elite group of dancers who have been selected based on their dance technique, positive attitude in the classroom and work ethic. The Performing Company adheres to a strict set of guidelines and entry into the program is determined by the Performing Company Directors and Stage I Staff.

To be eligible to apply to the Performing Company, dancers must:

– Have taken at least 1 year of dance training at Stage I Dance Academy
– Have had training in jazz, tap, and ballet
– Be teacher recommended
– Audition. Auditions will consist on taking various classes observed by the Performing Company Directors and Stage I Staff. For example, your dancer may take various classes with current Performing Company groups.

It must be noted that if entry is granted into the Performing Company families can expect an increase in financial commitment to their dancer’s dance training. Typically, tuition is more than the equivalent of 3 studio classes. This will vary based on your dancer’s age and which company they may be placed. Our older companies participate in more technique classes and perform more dances, which equals an increase in overall tuition and fees.

In addition to the financial commitment, families can expect an increase in involvement at the studio. Performing Company Dancers take multiple technique and choreography classes per week. They also perform at the annual Company Concert, multiple competitions, as well as at community events. Attendance is crucial, and dancers are expected to be in class, at all rehearsals and at every Stage I attended event.

If this is something you and your dancer are interested in pursuing, please contact or your child’s dance teacher. This does not guarantee your dancer will be offered an audition, but it will put your dancer on a list of interested students.